North Pole Cafeteria Shut Down

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Cafeteria Shut Down

14breakingnewsMerry Greetings!

Another happy production meeting at the Workshop today! Santa was there and he’s very pleased with the progress of preparing for Christmas. Things still appear to be way ahead of schedule.

Some weird news, however, to report from the North Pole Cafeteria. The entire lunchroom there was shut down in the middle of the day and all elves saw a sign that said the cafeteria was closed for the season and that they would have to bring their lunches from home for the rest of Operation Merry Christmas.

I thought maybe they had a power outage or a fire or something but I was told that they cleared the place out and sealed all the doors to the place off so that no one could go in or out.

That’s totally strange.

A lot of elves work in the cafeteria and I can’t find anyone there to talk to.

News of the shut down caught the eye of our broadcast news team, as well. Here is their report:


I’ll keep you posted on this and other breaking news as it happens.

Elf Ernest

Question of the Day: When will everyone be told what the Big Building with No Name is all about?