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More Elves Go Into the Big Building with No Name

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
More Elves Go Into the Big Building with No Name

4Happy Monday, all!

Strange goings on here at the North Pole today. A giant door to the Big Building with No Name opened up and dozens and dozens of elves lined up outside of it.

A man came out – he was dressed as an elf but all in black – and he talked to each person lined up at the door, looked at some papers and let them inside.

But here’s the weird thing: the elves that were going into the building were being dropped off by their families. They were hugging and kissing and even a few people were crying – like they would not see those elves for a very long time.

I knew almost everyone in that line. They work all over the North Pole. Some were from the workshop, others from the wrapping department, and others from the lunchroom or the warehouse.

Once again, nobody will give me any answers. Where are these elves going? What are they doing? Why were they acting like that when they left their families? Just what happens inside that Big Building with No Name?

With some breaking news now from the newsdesk, Elf Frank Myhrr just filed this recent report:


Elf Ernest

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