Fast Start at the North Pole

su2013ruHi everyone!

Our pre-production meeting today in Santa’s workshop was awesome. Elf Bernard said the workshop yesterday got off to the fastest start he has ever seen and already he says production is ahead of last year by 18 percent.

Elf Wally said it was a training day in the Wrapping Department and that he’s never seen new elves catch on so quickly. Even his trick of putting double stick tape in some of the dispensers didn’t fool anyone this year.

Elf Hugo at the North Pole Post Office reported that mail volume for Santa was brisk and slightly ahead of last year. He says they are keeping on top of it just fine.

Elf Victor reports the reindeer are healthy, in fact he said that all the flying Santa has had them doing for various projects over the fall has made their preparation for Christmas ahead of schedule. He said that if Santa wanted to fly around the world to deliver next week he could have the reindeer ready. Folks were really excited by that news.

The one elf who wouldn’t talk to me was Elf Agent X. He saw me and walked the other way. That guy never talks to me.

There was an interesting thing that happened at the Big Building with No Name today. Around lunch time several large trucks pulled up to a side door to the building and about a dozen elves came out. The trucks were delivering pizza and today about 500 pizzas were dropped off there.

I did see Mrs. Claus today, too. She’s very excited. She has a couple of new cookie recipes she wants to try out on Santa.

Elf Ernest

Question of the Day: How is the North Pole Post Office organized?