North Pole Readies for Operation Merry Christmas

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Readies for Operation Merry Christmas

10Hi everyone!

It is an exciting week for us here at the North Pole – things are rockin’ here!

We’re getting ready for what we call Operation Merry Christmas. That’s what we call the final countdown to Santa’s launch. There is big news all over the North Pole and we share it with you every day between now and Christmas right here.

Did you know we also share the news by way of Kringle Radio, Santa’s own radio station that plays commercial free Christmas music year round?

Yup, coming up on December 23rd you can hear live news reports from my team of news reporters who follow Santa around the world and interview elves stationed everywhere by Santa to spot for him on his trip. The also interview people who are waiting for Santa, who see Santa, or even those who are able to catch Santa in their homes.

In fact, we have a special report that was prepared today by Elf Frank Myhrr of the North Pole newsroom. Click the player below to listen to him interview Elf Crash Murphy who got a closer look at the Big Building with No Name.


As you can see, you will want to tune in to Kringle Radio starting on December 23rd to hear these reports live as they come out.

Elf Ernest