North Pole Recovers from Epic Halloween Party

5Merry Christmas, Everyone!

It is November and all eyes have turned to Christmas here at the North Pole. But that only happens after we have celebrated Halloween and this year’s Halloween party was one for the record books.

As you know, the Halloween party is one of costumes, music, food, and games. There is also the annual food fight. And this year it was a doozy.

Elf Natalie and the girls who normally work the uniform department here at the North Pole dressed up in these crazy Ghost Buster uniforms. They looked like the real deal. They had backpacks on and everything. We didn’t know those backpacks were loaded with things to make the food fight crazier than normal this year.

Right after the limbo contest Elf Natalie took to the table and started spraying the crowd with a mixture of honey and syrup. It was sticky and sweet. That started everyone throwing things around the room at each other – just like every other food fight in North Pole history.

But then Elf Lisa and Elf Valerie jumped on a table and started firing off marshmallows from a rapid-fire machine gun. They were coming so fast most elves had to duck and couldn’t respond with return fire of anything. The guns were fast and the marshmallows stuck to everyone and everything. Just as they got the crowd under the spell of their guns elves Bernadette and Naomi appeared like ninjas from the far side of the room, launching water balloons filled with heavy cream.

Now, when I say heavy cream I mean it was sweet cream like you would put on an ice cream sundae. As they did that, getting everyone good and wet with cream, Elf Angela and Elf Fawn sprayed the crowd with Oreo cookie crumbs. Thick clouds of the stuff fell from the ceiling and fans blew it everywhere. Nobody could see at all but they thought it all tasted quite delicious.

Finally, Santa was able to put his hands on a Super Soaker he had hidden under his coat. It was filled with water – he didn’t have time to think of anything else. But with just simple water he was finally able to get the girls off the tables and restore order to the proceedings.

When it was over the room was a huge mess but smiles were everywhere as elves all said they had never had such a sweet defeat.

We spent hours cleaning up. But it was a great party and a good start to what is sure to be a very busy time leading up to Christmas.

Elf Ernest