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Test Flights Resume Over Canada

6Happy Halloween everyone!

News from the Tracking Department continues a theme we’re noticing of everything at the North Pole this year: BIG. The guys over there report that this test sleigh is huge — big enough for Santa to haul things like cars and boats (we’re not saying Santa is bringing anyone a car or a boat).

We don’t know why Santa would need a huge sleigh this year. But we cannot help but notice that there is a BIG new building up here at the North Pole, with a BIG hole in the ground, that they are now filling with a BIG mountain of coal. And now the sleigh is BIG.

We are not sure what it all means other than it is going to be a really BIG Christmas.

We’re very excited today for the Halloween party here at the North Pole. Tune in here tomorrow and I’ll tell you everything that happened. The Halloween party here at the North Pole is one epic event every single year.

Oh — by the way — have you seen the new homepage of Kringle Radio? Santa’s loving the new music there but honestly the elves have just gone crazy over the new look.

Elf Ernest