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Top Secret Airlift Begins

12Hi everyone! Breaking news for you!

It isn’t even Halloween but already there are reindeer in the skies here at the North Pole. We noticed it this morning.

Way out behind the massive Building with No Name a sleigh launch pad has been set up and several empty sleighs are being sent out with teams of four reindeer and a pilot driving them.

All are heading south, away from the North Pole. They are leaving at a rate of about one sleigh every 10 minutes.

“Normally these reindeer would be in training in different parts of the world,” Elf Victor said. “But Santa has an important project for them, so they are elves like the rest of us right now.”

Elf Victor claims he doesn’t know where the reindeer are going or when they will be back.

I tried to get hold of Santa today to discuss what this big building is, why they have cleared a huge plot of land out behind it and why all these reindeer are flying around so early in the season.

But Santa isn’t here so I couldn’t ask him.

Elf Ernest