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Santa’s Interview with the Media

1215Once a year and only once a year Santa Claus sits down with the media for a long discussion. This traditional media interview customarily takes place in early October before things get too crazy for Santa.

This year Santa opens up about flying the sleigh and how the reindeer get him around the world. He discusses the great work done by Mrs. Claus and says the world doesn’t give her enough credit for the great work that she does. Santa answers questions from kids, talks about elves and his favorite cookies.

In all, it is a great conversation about how Santa does what he does. In years past Santa has talked about conditions in the world, his favorite movies and television shows, how he spends his off time and what he thinks parents should be doing to help kids. But this year he focuses more on the mechanics of being Santa and how he does it all. It’s a great read!

Click here to read it. Click here to read his past interviews over the years.

Elf Ernest