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Four Months Until Christmas Eve

Four Months Until Christmas Eve 1


Last month we talked a lot about mail Santa receives. Let’s talk this time about mail we receive as elves.

We all get mail. I think kids really like elves and in their heart most kids want to grow up to be an elf and work for Santa. We understand. That was once our dream, too.

The mail an elf gets is usually full of questions. And nobody handles tougher questions better than Elf Ed Zachary.

I asked Elf Ed Zachary why he ended up with the hard questions from kids. “I don’t know,” Elf Ed said. “I think it is because Santa has a policy that we never turn a kid down. We always talk to them. But not all kids believe in Santa and some aren’t even nice. And someone has to deal with those kids. That’s my job, I suppose.”

If you have a question for Santa we sure would like to hear about it. Questions are why Santa made the North Pole Public Relations Department in the first place. Our job is to tell the story of Santa and to answer questions. So don’t hesitate to ask.

Speaking of questions – boy, have we had a ton about that big project we’ve been telling you about all summer.

First – folks want to know: has Santa come out of the building yet? And the answer is, yes, but he’s still spending a lot of time in there. And so are a LOT of other elves.

I’ve never seen a project this big at the North Pole.

But nobody can tell me what it is all about. It is all very top secret. I saw Elf Agent X in the hallway the other day and he stopped walking, turned around and ran away from the in the other direction.

He knew I was going to ask him what is going on and he can’t lie to me because I can tell when he is. His job is one of secrets and the poor guy steers way clear of me these days.

I think he has something to do with that monster building. When I learn more, I’ll share it with you.

Elf Ernest