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Seven Months Until Christmas Eve

su2013lfHoly reindeer! It’s just seven months until Christmas Eve!

We’re starting to feel the pressure here at the North Pole. Elf Bernard held his first production meetings for Operation Merry Christmas 2014 this week and the numbers he talked about are just staggering. There are so many toys to make!

But we’re really ready to roll. In fact, we’ve been pretty busy for months. The remodeled workshop is now complete and Elf Bernard says he can work more elves at a faster pace than ever before.

The new lunch room for the elves is complete too. It is unlike any other lunch room in the world. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 24 hours a day, six days a week. Mrs. Claus insisted that her staff work to provide a menu of balanced meals that includes plenty of sugar cookies.

The lunch room also features Teflon coated walls and concrete floors with installed floor drains. That way when the elves have a food fight clean-up is easy. Mrs. Claus thinks of everything!

Elf Agent X, Santa’s head of Santa’s Secret Spies, is heading up what appears to be a very large project located just a couple of hundred yards from where Santa usually launches on Christmas Eve. We don’t know for sure what he is up to. The area is all fenced off and elves dressed in black come and go from the area at all hours of the day and night – hundreds of them. I asked Santa what the project was and he only said, “Something very, very special.”

We’ll keep you posted on this and other things happening at the North Pole.

— Elf Ernest