Singapore Reports a Merry Christmas


Islands of Indonesia are welcoming Santa Claus right now as he makes his way through Singapore. They celebrate Christmas there in a big way and have some of the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world. Did you know that?

The sugar cookie betting pool at the North Pole Christmas party has swung completely in Santa’s favor since the events in North Korea a while ago. That successful run and the fact that Santa is ahead of schedule has elves at the North Pole betting that Santa will finish on time and return early to the North Pole.

What does that mean for kids yet to have a visit from Santa? It means you better plan ahead about what your bedtime will be later tonight. Santa might be asking you to go to bed a little earlier this year so he can finish.

Santa always has a tough time with Europe. Kids there just stay up late into the night on Christmas Eve and it is hard for them to get to bed.

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Elf Ernest

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Santa Tracking is now being broadcast live from the North Pole at
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