1224_0100Braving a fierce winter storm Santa has launched from the North Pole just moments ago in a blaze of Christmas light, color and speed. The anxious reindeer lifted off after a short jog, Santa circled high above the gathered crowd, waved and took off like a shot into the snowy sky. The flight phase of Operation Merry Christmas 2013 has started.

Meanwhile, folks are still working at the North Pole at this hour. Elves are busily completing last minute projects in Santa’s workshop. While they do, the elves in the Wrapping department continue to wrap everything that comes in the minute it is ready. From there elves continue to load wrapped presents into sacks that are then loaded onto back-up sleighs which leave the North Pole every half hour or so to catch up to Santa. It is a system that has been used many, many times before and it is happy work indeed.

Over at the Tracking Center the active maps are up and they are thrilled to be working finally with live data of Santa in flight. For months they have dealt with only test flights and simulators but now it is the real deal. They are very excited.

Santa’s mail room is hopping. Folks from all over the world continue to write in, concerned for the late breaking developments and what it means for Christmas.

The crowd that had gathered to watch Santa launch are now headed over to the Claus residence to join the Annual Christmas Party, now in full swing with music, dancing, good food and, of course, the annual sugar cookie betting pool that gauges elf confidence in Santa’s ability to deliver.

Keep yourself tuned in here for the latest from the North Pole.

Where it is Christmas Eve Day: Seoul, Taipei, New Delhi
Where it is Christmas Eve Evening: New Zealand, Marshall Islands
Where it is Christmas Morning: Nowhere

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South Pacific Islands
Christmas Island


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Santa Tracking is now being broadcast live from the North Pole at
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