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Japan Says Santa is There


Wild, happy reports of Christmas are coming from all over Japan at this moment. Santa has been there!

Santa continues to move at speeds never before seen. This new team of reindeer is powering the sleigh at record speeds. In country after country the records are falling.

According to the latest reports over on Kringle Radio there are streaks of light in the skies and guns firing in North Korea. As long as that is going on there, Santa will not visit. He has no interest in going in to a war zone.

I tried to reach Elf Agent X in the Tracking Center to discuss what is happening there and what, if any, involvement from the North Pole might be taking place at this hour. But the entire Security Department is on lockdown at the moment. That means they cannot talk. I’m sure we’ll get the opportunity to catch up with him later.

Meanwhile, we’re seeing lots of bed time warnings for Central Asia.

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Sri Lanka

Elf Ernest

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Santa Tracking is now being broadcast live from the North Pole at
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