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First Bed Time Warning Issued

fatmanA sure sign that Santa’s launch is very close — he has issued his first bed time warning of Christmas Eve.

Kids in Samoa — specifically in the city of Apia — are asked to get to bed soon.

Santa knows that kids are going to get up early on Christmas morning so he asks kids to go to bed early on Christmas Eve. He understands if families have gathered long into the night and he makes exceptions for those parents who request it. But for the most part folks should be looking to get their “long winter’s nap” on Christmas Eve and trying to a good night’s sleep.

Santa also knows a lot of kids have a hard time sleeping on Christmas Eve…so that’s another reason for an early call to bed.

It’s all in good health and happiness for Christmas.

Where it is Christmas Eve Day: Beijing, Hong Kong, New Delhi
Where it is Christmas Eve Evening: Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands
Where it is Christmas Morning: Nowhere

Apia, Samoa

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