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Fiji Reports a Merry Christmas


Fiji is reporting a Merry Christmas at this minute. We’re hearing from cruise ships located in or near Fiji and they are wild with excitement that Santa’s sleigh has landed on-deck on at least one large white vessel with more than 3000 passengers. “Santa remembers everyone,” Elf Billy reminded me. “Even folks on vacation who wait until they return home after New Year’s to open their presents. Sometimes Santa delivers to them when they are traveling.”

Meanwhile, folks are still working hard here at the North Pole. The workshop is still hard at it and the Wrapping Department is just crazy. But even the North Pole Post Office is crazy with mail right now too — it is just coming in from all over the world.

We are hearing from concerned kids in Australia, who really want Santa to visit.

We get it, kids. You’re excited.

But Santa can’t come there unless you are in BED. Go to sleep!

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