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World Reacts to Santa’s Sleigh Troubles

reindeergoofElf Hugo reports a surge in concerned emails, letters, faxes, texts, and posts in the last little while with the stunning news of changes in Santa’s sleigh.

We have heard from the governments of many nations. President Maduro of Venezuela has offered to send his kids to bed early. The governments of Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Belgium have offered jets, ships and tanks as needed to help Santa deliver. Shipping companies from all over the world have offered their services. Space agency of several nations have offered rockets to aid in the effort if Santa needs them.

We’re grateful for all the support. I checked with Santa and he politely declines these offers. Santa does not appear concerned in the least about the developments with the sleigh and says kids of the world especially should not worry.

Where it is Christmas Eve Day: Lagos, Tunis
Where it is Christmas Eve Evening: Port Moresby, Guam
Where it is Christmas Morning: Nowhere

Elf Ernest

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Santa Tracking is now being broadcast live from the North Pole at
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