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Reindeer Sent to Bed

su2013ruWord from Santa’s Stables has just been received that Elf Victor has sent Santa’s reindeer to bed. If they fall asleep now they will get better than 8 hours of sleep before launching with Santa later tonight.

Santa’s Stables are located way out west of the Claus compound and the workshop areas of the North Pole. Nestled amongst a thick grove of pine trees at the base of some very high, snowy mountains Santa’s Stables are actually a series of large buildings that house, train and feed the reindeer. It may be cold, stormy and snowy outside but inside it is warm and there is plenty of food and water. They have turned the lights low and are playing soft Christmas music, all to give the reindeer a relaxing environment so they can get rest.

This will be the last bed time for them for some time.

It is all just another sign that Santa’s launch is getting closer.

Elf Ernest

Reindeer Sent to Bed 1 pre-launch

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Reindeer Sent to Bed 2
Reindeer Sent to Bed 3