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North Pole Post Office Reports Record Breaking Amounts of Mail

1204Elf Hugo says the North Pole Post Office is handling record amounts of mail at this hour. Believers in the Far East are sending in their final wishlists and questions for Santa while kids just waking up in Europe and other places to the west are beginning their day with mail to Santa.

Elf Hugo says that the North Pole Post Office can handle all the mail that you send but they are encouraging the use of stocking mail for kids worried that Santa won’t get the message.

Stocking mail is an age-old technology and it is faster than email or text. All you do is write your note and put it in your stocking. I cannot explain exactly how it works but without even opening or unfolding your message the stocking some how conveys what it says instantly to Santa’s mailbag.

How does Santa handle mail when he is in the sleigh?

There are multiple ways it happens but the most common is that an elf with a special satellite phone hook-up to Santa’s hat reads the mail to Santa. A lot of people ask why Santa’s hat is the shape that it is, something quite different compared to most other people in the world. The answer is that the hat takes that shape due to the wires and gizmos inside of it that allow stocking mail to be transmitted to him. It is all very complicated.

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Where it is Christmas Eve Day: Rome, Vienna
Where it is Christmas Eve Evening: Soloman Islands
Where it is Christmas Morning: Nowhere

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