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Is it really a test flight?

sleigh5News coming from the Tracking Center indicates that Santa just brushed by the capital city of Iran in the last little while.

Many people there love Santa but the Iranian military and government does not and many elves here at the North Pole are wondering why Elf Vernon is taking Santa’s latest sleigh into such a place.

Nothing official is coming from Elf Agent X or anyone else assigned to security but for the past hour or so the doors to the Tracking Center have been locked and we cannot reach them by telephone. The only contact we have is by way of email, which is very unusual.

This has rumors flying that this last minute test flight of the sleigh might have something more to do with Santa’s flight than just seeing if the sleigh can fly straight.

But what and why?

We will go to work on this theory and see if we can answer these questions.

Elf Ernest

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