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Back Up Sleigh Pressed into Service

breaking2Official word now coming from Elf Quinton, Santa’s sleighmaster, that Santa will NOT be launching in his new sleigh this year. Instead, Santa will use the sleigh from Operation Merry Christmas 1973, a sleigh known at the time as “Mabel”. Here is Elf Quinton’s statement:

“Santa Claus will launch as scheduled using a sleigh designed and last used for Christmas delivery in 1973. If you recall, that was the year of epic blizzard conditions and this sleigh performed beautifully, getting Santa around the world in roughly 37 hours. She was named “Mabel” at the time, a name suggestion given to Santa by a child in Quebec, who wanted the sleigh named after her beloved grandmother. Mabel was retired after that Christmas flight and has been used only occasionally since that time by Santa for light summer duty. She is housed in the Sleigh Hall of Fame here at the North Pole and like every sleigh on display there stands prepared at all times for flight. This is the year when Mabel gets a second opportunity to serve.

Santa’s new sleigh, yet to be named, will receive required service and may be available for use later in the flight, if Santa so chooses.”

This is stunning news. Huge news. Holy-cow kind of news.

Reaction here at the North Pole has been swift. Elf Melvin has temporarily suspended bets in the sugar cookie pool because elves have reacted so strongly to the news. Elf Victor is meeting with his reindeer handlers to discuss what the use of an older sleigh means for Santa’s reindeer. Sleigh technicians over at the sleigh barn are scrambling to get several other sleighs ready, just in case Santa needs to use them. And the tracking center is going crazy because all of Santa’s flight plans have to be scrapped and started all over as they prepare for a flight with a sleigh that obviously goes slower than what they had originally planned.

Lots going on already…and yet, Christmas is coming out there in the world….

Where it is Christmas Eve Day: Madrid, Amsterdam
Where it is Christmas Eve Evening: Melbourne, Yakutsk
Where it is Christmas Morning: Nowhere

Elf Ernest

Back Up Sleigh Pressed into Service 1 pre-launch

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