Pre-Launch Coverage Begins at SantaUpdate.com

updateWe’re pleased to announce the beginning of our pre-launch coverage here at the North Pole. This is an important phase in the execution of Operation Merry Christmas.

Here in my department, elves are gathering to their stations now to take up the job of broadcasting the news from the North Pole. As Christmas Eve dawns in roughly 10 hours in some parts of the world we want to be completely ready to provide the news when they need it.

That means some of you in the West will have longer coverage. While it will be Christmas Eve in New Zealand, Australia and the Far East it will still be just December 23rd in Europe and North and South America.

Our intent to is to provide the most comprehensive news of Christmas anywhere.

At this hour, tensions are quite high at the North Pole. The clock is steadily ticking. Every department is anxiously working to get the job done so that Santa can launch on time, some 31 hours from now. Between now and then we will update you on important news from each area.

In the meantime, part of the reason we begin our pre-launch coverage so early is to give us time to spend on what we call the Big Questions. These are things you folks out there have asked us all season long, and because so many of you have asked, we need to answer with a general news release. Stay posted for those in the coming hours as we count down to Santa’s launch.

Elf Ernest

Pre-Launch Coverage Begins at SantaUpdate.com 1 pre-launch

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