Final Test Flight Gets a Go for Launch

sleighlaunchIn a historic first in Operation Merry Christmas a late, last minute test flight has been ordered for Santa’s new sleigh. The sleigh has been plagued with problems all season and Santa has sent it back for redesign several times.

Both Elf Victor and Santa Claus have approved the final test flight for Santa’s new sleigh. Elf Vernon will take the reins shortly to try to get away from the North Pole in a blinding blizzard.

He will be leading a team of brave reindeer, some of Santa’s best. Going will be Rocket, Gomer, Gnasher, Rudy, Thor, Bella, Lightning and Thunder.

While there is some danger involved there are a lot of good things that could come from this. We encourage you to follow along on this test flight, no matter how short it may be, with the Tracking Center, who will be guiding them from the North Pole.

Elf Ernest

Final Test Flight Gets a Go for Launch 1 pre-launch

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