When Will Santa Answer My Letter?

su2013wpHi ho! Merry Christmas! As we try to get through another snowy Saturday here at the North Pole I thought I would spend some time today answering some of the most common questions coming into the North Pole this week.

Our first question comes from Hannah in France, who wants to know: How long does it take for Santa to reply to all the letters and emails?

This is a big question for a lot of kids.

Santa would love to answer EVERY letter and email. But if he did that he would be spending all his time on that and would get nothing else done. This is why a lot of kids might only get a little note or something in their stocking from Santa to acknowledge a child’s letter.

You have to understand that Santa’s visit to your home IS his reply to your letter.

How can you tell if your letter is from the real Santa?

Simple. It comes in your Christmas stocking. That’s how you know. Santa uses stocking mail almost exclusively.

Elf Ernest

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