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Santa Encourages Families to Track Santa Together

1221While the North Pole grapples with falling behind in the workshop and losing power now is a good time to remind you that Santa tracking on Christmas Eve is coming up. This is a family tradition that goes back decades and one you’re really going to enjoy this year.

Santa encourages you to use a real map and to track Santa using a string or a marker. Those laminated maps work best for this task because they can be used over and over again.

Santa says that reading the updates and looking up cities and countries that he flies in is a great way for kids to learn the geography of the world. He has received many, many letters from older kids who had to take geography classes in high school and who did well in those classes because of all their years tracking Santa Claus.

But if you cannot be home or don’t have access to a map or a globe we have several resources online to help you.

TrackingSanta.net is an online map of sorts that shows Santa’s exact location based on information that is streamed to the North Pole tracking center direct from Santa’s sleigh. It is tied to the updates posted here at Santa Update.

If you are on the go you can also get Santa Updates texted to you through JingleKringle.com. This is a free service that doesn’t give as much up to the minute information but will send you tracking data about every hour on Christmas Eve.

However and wherever you track Santa we hope you do it together. It is a fun way to spend Christmas together as a family.

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