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How to Become a Santa Defender

How to Become a Santa Defender 1

ed_zacharyThere are several popular elves at the North Pole but the one who gets more mail than any other elf (besides Santa) is Elf Ed Zachary.

We haven’t talked a lot about Elf Ed this year. But he is always getting letters, answering questions and writing newspaper articles for the North Pole Gazette. Elf Ed is the most famous Santa Defender in the world.

Cannon from San Antonio, Texas in the USA sent in this question for Elf Ed: How do you become a Santa defender?

That’s a really good question because there is a difference in dealing with a non-believer than there is in dealing with someone who is anti-Santa. As a Santa defender you have to not only believe in Santa you also have to know how everything with Santa works and be able to explain it.

That’s serious stuff. Elf Ed swims in the deep waters of Christmas questions and he knows how to handle the mockers and schemers out there. He’s answered the question of how Santa gets around the world in one night and how reindeer fly. Elf Ed doesn’t mess around when he comes to those who are anti-Santa. He shoots straight.

But what Elf Ed does is not for everyone.

I asked Elf Ed about your question, Cannon, and he was very straight-forward:

“I got the job because nobody else wanted it,” Elf Ed explained. “Elves by their nature are nice. They love Santa. They love Christmas. They’re elves! So having to talk tough with those who talk tough about Santa doesn’t come naturally to elves. You have to be kind of a brat, which, for me, doesn’t come hard. So I got the job.”

Elf Ed swears the key to it all is telling the truth and accepting the fact that some people just are never going to believe you — and being OK with that. Elf Ed is so popular with those who love Christmas because he is brilliant — to them, he’s a genius. He can explain everything. But to the mockers out there — well, he’s kind of a pain.

That is why we love him so much.

Elf Ernest

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