How Do You Deal with Non-believers?

How Do You Deal with Non-believers? 1

santachill08From Victoria in the USA comes this great question: How do you deal with non-believers?

This is a really good question because it is a problem even elves have. In fact, I answer questions for elves too and this is the most common question they have. They just cannot STAND to hear someone say that Santa isn’t real.

Well, I’ll tell you. Dealing with non-believers begins by NOT doing certain things.

First of all, never get mad.

When people don’t believe in Santa Claus they tend to get a little mean. I don’t know why that is. They will say things to mock or make fun of what you believe. So it is hard not to feel hurt or to want to be mean back to them. Don’t do that. Never do that. It just wastes your time and getting mad makes them believe all the more that they are right. So don’t get mad.

Why should you get mad? You believe in Santa Claus! He’s coming to your house! He does every Christmas! Aren’t you lucky?

You see, that’s the bit: you’re happy in your belief in Santa. You love Christmas and everything about it. You sing songs, eat great food, and have a lot of fun at Christmas.

Can you imagine what Christmas must be like for someone who doesn’t believe? It could be pretty miserable to go to bed on Christmas Eve thinking that Santa WON’T be there. Can you imagine how awful that would be?

Try to share with them what your Christmas experience is. It could be they just doubt the belief in Santa Claus and that they really aren’t unbelievers after all — they’re just not sure.

Tell them that it is ok to doubt. Help answer their questions. Bring them here and see all the answer we put up to questions. Chances are they are going to ask questions we have already answered many times before.

Always remember to wish them a Merry Christmas, no matter what they believe. Tell them you just want them and their families to be happy and to enjoy Christmas. Give them small gifts, be nice, be kind, make sure they understand that no matter what they believe you will be their friend — just like Santa.

Elf Ernest

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