Does Santa Watch Me All the Time?

Does Santa Watch Me All the Time? 1

su2013txSusan in Richmond in the USA asks a question on the minds of a lot of kids these days: Do you have a spy to watch me all the time?

In fact, we get a lot of questions about Santa “spying”. It comes from the song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and the words “he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake”.

A lot of people just don’t understand that song. And they worry about it. And sometimes it causes them to question Santa. Susan, for example, observes: If you’re a spy does that mean you watch me all the time? And if you do that’s technically impossible because you can’t watch everyone at once — unless you have a spy who is assigned to one person at all times and how can you eat if you watch me all the time?

As Susan observes, this is crazy.

Santa isn’t a spy. He doesn’t spend his time or his resources or his elves spying on you to make sure you are good.

So what about the words of the song?

Santa knows if you’ve been good or bad because he knows your parents. That’s the big secret — that Parent-Santa connection. Why in the world would Santa need an elf to spy on you if he has your Mother to tell him all about you? Do you think your Mom can stop talking about you to Santa? Not on your life.

Now, it’s a great song. And for goodness sake, just as the song says, be good. But don’t worry about Santa spying on you. He doesn’t do it. He knows when you are asleep or awake just like YOU know when someone is asleep or awake. There’s no magic in it.

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  1. Brittiny
    Brittiny says:

    “There’s no magic in it”?!?! Christmas is a magical time of year. I think this was great until that last sentence.

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