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Santa Talks About Being Naughty


There is a belief that Santa keeps a list of kids who are naughty and nice. A lot of people believe that and from looking over the mail we get here a lot of kids especially are worried that Santa might think they are naughty.

To be honest, I’ve never seen a naughty list.

I have never once heard Santa talk about any child who was naughty. I’m not personally a believer that Santa spends his time in this way.

But since so many of you are concerned about this, I asked Santa — again — about his so-called naughty and nice lists.

“Oh, I keep lists, that’s for sure but only because I get so forgetful,” Santa told me. “Do you know that the other day Mrs. Claus sent me to the store to buy some nutmeg, some cheese cloth, and some cream cheese? By the time I got there my mind was going about so many things I couldn’t remember the cheese cloth. I thought when I got the cream cheese my job was done and then when I got home without the cheese cloth she had to send me out again. You see, I should have put all that on a list and I didn’t. I normally keep information on lists to help me out.”

But Santa would not admit to keeping a list of naughty kids.

“I keep lists of all the kids,” Santa did say. “I don’t want to miss one, so I write down all that I can. I keep their letters and I have many elves to help me keep it all straight.”

“Of course,” Santa said. “I don’t want any child to be naughty. I don’t believe there is a bad kid anywhere. But I do think children need to try to listen to their parents, to be nice to other people at all times, to learn service and hard work. Being naughty usually means a child is bored and not engaged in doing enough things to help others. I think most kids are really pretty good.”

And that’s the most I could get out of Santa about this whole naughty list business.

Elf Ernest


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