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Santa Wants More Secret Spies

1213As anticipation for Santa’s flight builds so too does the need for as many people as possible around the world to help Santa — he needs elves!

Yes, you can begin your elf career by registering free to become an elf and taking on your first assignment as one of Santa’s Secret Spies.

A Santa Secret Spy is not someone who spies on other people and tells Santa when they are naughty. No, that’s NOT the job.

The job of a Santa Secret Spy is to be Santa’s eyes and ears on the ground, to report dangers for Santa direct to the North Pole. A Secret Spy for Santa reports directly to Elf Agent X.

As an elf you have direct access to the tracking center at the North Pole to alert Santa of changing weather conditions in your area, obstacles that might impede Santa’s progress or dangers that might be posed to Santa on Christmas Eve. Santa needs millions of such elves in places all around the world to send reports to the North Pole on a regular basis.

Can you help? Sign up here! And, if you’re already an elf, send in a report to the North Pole here.

Elf Ernest


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