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North Pole Production Falls Behind


Tough news today out of Santa’s Workshop — things are a little bogged down. Elf Bernard indicates that with a recent unexpected shortage of glue — of all things! — production has slowed in Santa’s workshop.

“We don’t use glue for a lot of things,” Elf Bernard admitted, “but we use it for small jobs and without it we can get a little stuck.”

He mentioned that glue is used mostly for packaging toys than in making toys so there are crates and crates of unboxed toys laying around that are just waiting to be boxed but can’t be because they lack the glue to shut the boxes.

Elf Harold, a buyer in the North Pole acquisitions department, found a source for glue but because not a lot of shippers can get things quickly to the North Pole. So a sleigh had to be sent to retrieve the shipment. In all, the workshop could be set back as much as two days because of the delay.

That doesn’t mean that elves are sitting around. It just means things are going to pile up a bit. We’ll keep you posted if this proves to be a problem down the road.

Elf Ernest


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