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Weather Center Urges Santa to Use South Pole

1211Merry Christmas, friends!

Elf Billy in the Weather and Tracking Center made an unusual suggestion to Santa today: he said Santa should think of launching from the South Pole this year.

The Weather Center is predicting such bad weather around Santa’s scheduled launch time that Elf Billy thinks it would be a good idea to just leave from the South Pole, where the weather will be warm and dry.

Santa immediately said “no”.

“I can’t leave from the South Pole.” Santa explained. “All the reindeer would get confused.”

Santa had to explain. “You know how water goes down the drain differently in the Southern Hemisphere? Reindeer turn the other way too, when they are down there. I don’t want to launch the sleigh upside down.”

That had everyone confused.

Besides, Santa can’t leave from the South Pole when his workshop is at the North Pole. What is Elf Billy thinking?

Santa will leave from the North Pole and that settles it.

Elf Ernest


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