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Why Candy Canes are Bad for Reindeer

1210Greetings, Elves!

The reindeer games are now underway. From my window I can see them out there in the snow, running, jumping, and flying all over the place. It is impressive, to say the least.

Today in a meeting Elf Victor said he was going to put out a memo to all elves working at the North Pole. It seems a number of elves on their lunch breaks like to go out to the barnyard with candy canes and feed them to the reindeer.

Elf Victor wants that to stop.

Candy canes are sweet and, like most people, reindeer cannot resist them. But unlike most people they regret eating them — ever.

Candy canes are hard on their little tummies. In fact, reindeer are amongst the lightest eaters of any species.

They eat a lot of green stuff — bushes, leaves, roots and just about anything that grows. But sweet things like berries and other fruit they just love but can only have a little bit of or they get sick to their stomaches.

Candy canes are just too sweet and the minty flavor give them a stomach ache.

Santa reminds you that if you want to leave food for the reindeer on Christmas Eve it is best if it is oats, carrots, or leafy lettuce.

Elf Ernest


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