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What Kind of Cookies to Make for Santa?

1207Hi gang,

Yesterday’s post about becoming an elf sure resulted in a lot of emails. Oddly enough, many of you are concerned about…cookies.

I’m not even kidding. So many of you are so concerned with doing things right that the details of your questions are becoming very specific. And the question of the day many of you write in the most seems to be focusing on what kind of cookies to make for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Well, I’ll tell you:

First of all, if you have a cookie that you make that is your specialty, that you know you make better than anyone else, that’s the one to make for Santa. And leave him the recipe in your stocking on Christmas Eve. He’ll give it to Mrs. Claus to make for him the rest of the year.

You see, Santa is a cookie recipe collector. That’s why he got into the whole cookie thing in the first place. We sent out an update one year when Santa was trying to lose weight and we told everyone that. Well, he hated it because all he got that Christmas Eve was celery sticks and rice cakes. He said that it was Christmas and that he wanted cookies. So from that point forward it kind of became a tradition to make cookies for Santa.

It is his hobby to collect cookie recipes from all over the world, kind of the way that some people collect stamps or coins. In his office Santa has books and books filled with cookie recipes and he sorts them according to flavor and type. Santa has often said he could make cookies every day for 20 years and never use the same recipe twice, that’s how many cookie recipes he has collected!

If you don’t have a specialty, then I’d recommend good old fashioned sugar cookies with homemade frosting and decorations. Santa prefers to eat sugar cookies that are in Christmas shapes — you know, trees, bells, etc — and he loves, loves, loves to eat cookies shaped like Santa.

I know, I know — that’s weird.

But Santa loves to eat himself, as he likes to say. He gets a big laugh every time he says that.

Santa can be so goofy.

Elf Ernest


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