How to Become an Elf

How to Become an Elf 1

1206Hi Christmas friends!

Without a doubt the most common question we get asked here at the North Pole is this: how do I become an elf?

Everyone wants to be an elf. And why not? Why take a job doing something you don’t like when you can work for Santa? We understand — every one of us who are elves at one time wanted to work as an elf for Santa. It is natural thing, like eating chocolate. Who wouldn’t want that?

The road to becoming an elf is a long one but it is possible and you can begin today — right where you are. You don’t have to submit a resume, you don’t have to take a test, and you don’t even have to ask your parents (OK, maybe you should ask your parents, just in case).

Just go to this link and sign up.

Your first duty and a rookie elf is to be a Secret Spy for Santa.

What is a secret spy? Is it someone who looks for bad kids and then tells Santa? Is that how Santa knows who is naughty?


A secret spy is someone who looks out for Santa. You are his eyes and ears right where you live. If you see something wrong, report it to the North Pole.

Are there mean dogs in your neighborhood that might want to eat Santa when he shows up at Christmas? Report it.

Are there non-believers in the neighborhood? Report it.

Are there downed trees, new fences, or antennas in your area? Report it.

How about the weather? What’s it like? Can you report that to the North Pole?

Santa needs eyes and ears every where. Occasionally, he needs other help. He needs to know he can trust people so report what you see often to the tracking department at the North Pole.

Who knows? One day Santa might have to call you and ask for a favor. And that’s how you get to become an elf at the North Pole — when Santa himself invites you.

Elf Ernest


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  1. JoshuA morige
    JoshuA morige says:

    Santa if I was your elf I would listen to you and be respectful responsible and aspire to do my best

  2. CottonHeadedMiniMuffin
    CottonHeadedMiniMuffin says:

    The weather is ok but sometimes cloudy. There are mean dogs around my street, be careful because they bark loud and wake everyone up.

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