1205Merry Snowy Greetings!

Elf Billy wasn’t kidding — we have been getting A LOT of snow! Since last I wrote to you we have received more than a foot of snow. That is not unusual for the North Pole.

It has Elf Victor anxious to get the reindeer out to work in it. Reindeer, while fast and efficient, are delicate animals. Elf Victor works very hard to keep them in tip-top condition. Every year, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, Elf Victor holds the annual reindeer games.

As you know, Santa has nine reindeer he uses on his lead team every Christmas Eve. But to be honest, there are actually thousands of reindeer that work for Santa. Over the years you have come to know a few of them through the annual reindeer games. This year will provide another chance to get to know some of these fine animals and friends of Santa.

ESPN contacted us again wanting to televise the reindeer games. And, on behalf of Santa, I had to, once again, tell them “no”.

It has almost become a Christmas tradition. The guy from ESPN called me and said “I know what you’re going to say but I have to ask you anyway.” Without hesitation, I just said “No.” and he replied. “OK, see you next year.”

Santa doesn’t want the reindeer to forget that the reindeer games are what they do to get ready for Christmas. He doesn’t need reindeer getting interviewed on global television, he doesn’t need them to be attending medal ceremonies or getting endorsement deals.

The reindeer know this and they understand it. Most of them are very shy anyway and would never be interviewed in live television.

Like always, I will try to keep you posted of the progress of the reindeer games. Something important usually happens during these games so you will want to check it out every day.

Elf Ernest


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