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Tips for Your Christmas Tree

1203It’s that time of year again folks! As is our tradition, we share with you the finer points of Christmas trees and why they are so important in the celebration of Christmas:

“The Christmas tree is a very important part of Christmas,” Santa explains. “It is the source of Christmas spirit in every home. With a properly decorated tree there is no way anyone can ever have a sad Christmas. It is a reminder of all that is good and right about the season.”

The Christmas tree has been around for ages. Thousands of years ago people brought the green trees into their homes in the dead of winter because they believed the trees to be something of a miracle. How can something be green and beautiful while all other plant life is dead and dry during the winter?

Over the centuries, the Christmas tree grew to be a form of expression for those who celebrate Christmas. Lights were first made for the tree by putting candles on it, a very dangerous practice. Christmas trees burn easily and open flames are not a good thing around a Christmas tree. But as electric lights were invented one of the very first places that folks used them was on a Christmas tree.

Santa explains that it is not necessary to have a very big tree. In fact, you don’t even have to have a real tree or a traditional pine tree at all to properly celebrate Christmas. In fact, in some tropical out-of-the-way places people cannot get trees that look anything like a Christmas tree at all. And that’s OK.

“I remember being on the island of St. Croix one Christmas Eve,” Santa recalled. “And little 3 year old Geraldo Munez, who lives there, had put lights around the bottom of a palm tree that grew in his backyard. That was the merriest tree I saw that Christmas!”

Santa reminds you that a Christmas tree — ANY kind of Christmas tree — is a living thing. We give it a place of honor in our home. We sing around it and gather around it. It becomes a member of our family. We should give it a name and remember to water and talk to it frequently.

Elf Ernest


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