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Taking a Rest at the North Pole

1201Sundays are special at the North Pole. Everything stops. Everything rests.

For Santa, it has always been this way. Santa likes to spend his time with family on Sundays, to go to Church and to rest.

“Too many people associate stress with Christmas,” Santa told me. “That’s really sad because Christmas is supposed to be a happy time, no matter what is going on. I understand as well as anyone what it is to be very busy and to work hard. I believe in hard work. But I also believe in rest and enjoying every day. I believe in spending time with my family. I believe in going to Church. Sundays are the day I do that and anyone who works for me does this too.”

So today the workshop is dark, no one is in the tracking center and even the reindeer are taking naps.

A lot of kids write letters to Santa on Sundays and Santa says that is OK, especially if you write letters together with a sibling or with your parents. That is a great activity to do together on a day of rest.

Santa even takes the Sunday before Christmas off — no matter what needs to be done. That’s just the way it has always been.

Elf Ernest

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