Elves Put the Final Touches on Lights

1127Like many people the next couple of days will be festive here at the North Pole. As everyone here gathers to celebrate the American Thanksgiving we also focus on the bigger event of turning on all the Christmas lights.

Every year we kick off the celebrations of Christmas with a lighting ceremony. Santa himself flips the switch and all the lights go on at one time — every house, every building, every tree, every bush, every stationary thing outside gets lights put on it and it becomes a snowy wonderland of brilliant lights in all colors.

Since Halloween the elves and their families have been spending nearly every spare minute in working on their lights. They spare no details. There are lights in motion, lights set to music, lights that run, jump, dance and make images. Some even put little lights on their pets, little dogs and cats running around with twinkle light halos for the lighting event.

Santa gives an award for the house with the best lights. It is a very prestigious thing here at the North Pole to win that award!

So today, while so many are running around kitchens and doing the baking there are lots of folks here still outside working on their lights…right down to the last minute. It makes the day very exciting and it makes Operation Merry Christmas that much more festive knowing those lights are going to be on all the time until Christmas.

Elf Ernest


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