ONE Month Until Christmas Eve

1124Today is the 24th! One month from this very day we will be tracking Santa around the world.

That fact is not lost on the North Pole. Everyone here is very busy. We are not only preparing for Operation Merry Christmas but we are also trying to get our homes ready for the big lighting contest and the celebration of Thanksgiving coming up in a few days.

Lots of folks are working for Santa by day, and putting up their Christmas lights by night. It is not uncommon to hear laughter and the sounds of happy people working late into the night as every tries to get ready. We’ll tell you more about the lighting contest in a day or two.

Even the reindeer are busy. They have the reindeer games coming up soon and all of them are working out, trying to build muscles and get ready to compete against each other. There are thousands of reindeer here at the North Pole right now and they all want to work for Santa on Christmas Eve.

So there is a great deal going on. We hope you check back here every day to count down the days to Christmas with us and to read the news of Santa and the North Pole.

Elf Ernest


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