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Huge Shipment of Wrapping Paper Arrives at the North Pole

1122The North Pole receiving department is moving tons and tons of pallets around in order to make room for all the new Christmas wrapping paper that has arrived at the North Pole. Elf Wally is very happy to see this big shipment arrive.

“We cannot do our job very well when we don’t have the stuff,” Elf Wally said. “The workshop is making presents faster than we are wrapping them because we haven’t had all the right paper.”

Not every gift Santa delivers is wrapped. And some have to be re-wrapped because they do not pass inspection. Santa is very particular about the presents when he puts them under your tree. They have to be just right.

“We needed this wrap several weeks ago,” Elf Wally said. “it seems we’re always waiting for other stuff to get done before we can do our jobs.”

Elf Ernest


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