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Santa Says Do Something Nice

1120There is an idea out there that Santa has a naughty list. He has never said he does. And he won’t answer my questions about whether or not it is true.

But we all know the songs and we all know the legends: Santa just knows when you’re naughty.

To help counter what you might think that Santa thinks maybe you can help yourself out by trying a couple of things.

First of all, if you’ve been naughty, go to the North Pole confessional and get yourself off the naughty list. Does this work? I honestly don’t know but it can’t be a bad idea to let Santa know that you know when you maybe have done something wrong and that you are trying to do better.

But Santa has an even better idea: he’s asking kids everywhere to catch somebody doing something nice — and then tell him about it? Isn’t that awesome? Santa calls this Operation Be Nice.

Who knows? Maybe someone will report something nice about you to Santa, too!

Elf Ernest