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Letters Pour in to Santa from Schools

vintage-santa-claus-letter-kids-christmas-cardElf Hugo from Santa’s Post Office says the mail for Santa is starting to increase significantly as Christmas approaches.

“We are actually getting a lot of mail from entire school classes of kids,” Elf Hugo explained. “Most kids around the world are in school right now and teachers will batch letters from kids to ask questions about Santa and the North Pole as part of school assignments about exploring Christmas. Santa loves to get these letters because they ask such smart questions.”

The questions are not always only for Santa Claus. Many kids have questions for elves because most kids growing wanting to become an elf for Santa.

So kids will ask Elf Bernard about what it is like to work in the workshop. Or they will ask Elf Victor about the reindeer and what it is like to train them to fly. Some will even ask Elf Quinton what must be done to get a ride on Santa’s sleigh.

Santa tries to answer every group of letters that comes in from these school classes.

“They write early enough that I can usually get back to them,” Santa told me. “Plus, they are in school, working on reports and learning history and geography. I love that. I want to support that every way that I can.”

Elf Ernest