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Track Santa by Text at Jingle Kringle.com

Track Santa by Text at Jingle Kringle.com 1

250_butNow you can get alerts of the Santa updates on your cell phone — you can track Santa by text! Just go to our sister site at JingleKringle.com and enter a valid text number.

“This is a big year for improvements in Santa tracking technology from the North Pole,” Elf Billy, Santa’s head elf in the Tracking and Weather Department here at the North Pole, explained. “We are working hard to reach out to the world with information about Santa that is available for free, without commercial messaging fast and direct from the North Pole itself. Whether you follow along here at Santa Update.com or hang a map in your house or use a globe you have on hand for your studies at school, or use the maps we have at TrackingSanta.net or follow by listening to Kringle Radio or just follow along by way of text there is no reason why you shouldn’t know the status of Santa anywhere in the world on Christmas Eve.”

JingleKringle.com is not a commercial service. There is no fee to use it. There is NEVER any junk mail sent by text through JingleKringle.com and your phone number is kept absolutely private. Santa wants all parents to know especially that JingleKringle.com is safe for family use and is absolutely free.

As you can tell, Santa is making very big efforts this year to improve Santa tracking. Tomorrow Santa explains to us why this is necessary.

Elf Ernest