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Elves Returning to Work at the North Pole

Elves Returning to Work at the North Pole 1

ccelfGreetings, friends!

It is an exciting day at the North Pole. After months of being away working on elf training, workshops and team building the North Pole is again abuzz with activities as families reunite and the elves get ready to again pick up the work of Operation Merry Christmas.

“It was a good season of training,” Elf Bernard said. “But it will be good to be back in the workshop and doing what we do. We are energized and excited for this coming Christmas. It is going to be a lot of fun!”

Santa’s chats this past weekend with kids from all over the world has spurred more letters than ever at the North Pole post office. “It’s not the day after Thanksgiving or anything,” Elf Hugo said. “But it is a lot of mail for this time of the year. Santa is going to have a great time reading it all this weekend.”

Lots of kids are writing about changes this year they will be experiencing in school. Santa was excited to hear about that, too. “I think school is the best thing possible for kids,” Santa said. “Some don’t like it some times and I get that. It can be a lot of work. But learning is fun work and, as the elves and I have learned the last few weeks, it can make you better people. I love school. I go to school as often as I can. I hope the kids do too.”

There is a big welcome home party planned for tomorrow (Saturday) here at the North Pole. Then after a day of rest on Sunday, it’s back to work with lots of meetings on Monday. Things are gearing up!

— Elf Ernest