Santa Works the North Pacific

updateThe City of Vladivostok in North East Russia has reported a Merry Christmas in the past few minutes. Santa is working so very quickly this year! Seeing that Santa is in a northern area it is possible he will be stopping soon to swap out teams of reindeer to give his A-Team a rest. We will keep you updated.

— Elf Ernest
Direct from Santa’s Newsroom at the North Pole


Command Center Status: Elf Victor Dispatched with Reindeer Relief Team
Sleigh Status: 412 mph
Reindeer Status: A little tired and hungry
Latest Secret Spy Reports: Heavy snow reported in northern Mongolia; non-believers reported in Tehran; warm breezes reported in Bermuda…
Where it is Christmas Eve now: Tehran
Where it is Christmas morning now: Guam, Vladivostok, Sydney, Brisbane, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Marshall Islands

Kids in these places should be in bed by now:
All of Asia