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Santa Sighted Near Artic Circle

updateShips in the Barents Sea have reported seeing a bright flash of light they can only describe as Santa Claus.

The world has a tough time during the early hours of Santa’s flight. The Tracking Center gets bombarded with requests to know Santa’s flight plan but the truth is that no one knows for sure where Santa will stop first. Some years he stops somewhere on the Kamchatka Peninsula and others he picks a ship or an island in the Bering Sea to visit first. Other years he just zips straight down to New Zealand and begins there. We just don’t know.

— Elf Ernest
Direct from Santa’s Newsroom at the North Pole


Command Center Status: No alerts at this time.
Sleigh Status: 4,500 mph
Reindeer Status: Very strong.
Latest Secret Spy Reports: Suspicious characters reported in Delhi; Lack of Christmas spirit reported in Syria; broken roof tiles reported in Madrid
Where it is Christmas Eve now: All over the Far East, South Pacific, Australia, Indonesia, and China
Where it is Christmas morning now: Nowhere

Kids in these places should be in bed by now:
New Zealand
South Pole
South Pacific Islands