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Santa Issues First Bedtime Warning

updateSanta awoke from his nap, took one look at the clock on his dresser and picked up the phone. He called Elf Billy and told him to let the kids in the South Pacific know it is time for them to go to bed!

So there you have it, our first bedtime warning of the day…and it comes a full hour before Santa takes flight.

According to Elf Billy it is now about 8pm or 9pm in most of the South Pacific islands on Christmas Eve night. That’s about the time most kids should be going to bed. Santa will try to send out bed time reminders during the course of his flight. Expect more details in another update soon.

At this time Santa is eating a good meal that Mrs. Claus has prepared and will soon be getting into his flight suit.

— Elf Ernest
Direct from Santa’s Newsroom at the North Pole


Estimated Time to Launch: 1 hours
Current North Pole Weather: 12 Degrees, Blizzard Conditions
Command Center Status: All systems are go, all lights are green
Santa’s Status: Eating a meal.
Reindeer Status: Being hitched to the sleigh.
Santa’s Workshop Status: 99% complete, catching up
Santa’s Sleigh Status: 100% ready, all issues resolved
Wrapping Department Status: 99% complete, waiting on the workshop to complete
North Pole Christmas Party Readiness: 100% complete
North Pole Medical Center Report: No new cases of sickness reported
North Pole Post Office Status: 99% complete, half staff now working, others diverted to Santa’s Workshop
Latest Secret Spy Reports: Extreme fire danger reported in western Australia; high temps reported in the Amazon; broken fence reported in Denver, Colorado…
Where it is Christmas Eve now: China, Taiwan, South East Asia
Where it is Christmas morning now: Nowhere