Santa Delivers in Africa!

updateSanta zipped right past Europe and headed to Africa instead. Santa is apparently still waiting for a few kids to fall asleep in Europe. Go to sleep kids!

Durban, Port Elizabeth and Madagascar have all reported recent visits from Santa.

— Elf Ernest
Direct from Santa’s Newsroom at the North Pole


Command Center Status: All systems are go, all lights are green
Sleigh Status: 89114 mph
Reindeer Status: Outstanding
Latest Secret Spy Reports: Fog reported in Wales; tornado warnings posted in SE USA; reports of roof damage in Jacksonville, Florida…
Where it is Christmas Eve now: New Orleans, Atlanta
Where it is Christmas morning now: Port Elizabeth, Durban, Helsinki, Warsaw, Minsk, Ankara, Kiev, Odesa, Bucharest, Athens

Kids in these places should be in bed by now:
All of Europe