Bangkok Reports!

updateBangkok is reporting a Merry Christmas at this time. In the meantime, access to the Tracking Center at the North Pole has been shut off. All doors are locked at the moment. We just received word that Santa’s sleigh cam will be shut down in the coming hours and that only secured radio channels will be used.

I normally get my news from the radio chatter I hear between Santa’s sleigh and the Tracking Center. The elves on Santa’s sleigh report Santa’s position and the Tracking Center gives them detailed information about weather, Santa Secret Spy reports, etc all the time. There is usually lots of talk. It sounds like I won’t have access to those conversations in a little while for some reason. That doesn’t mean there won’t be news. It just means something important is about to happen. I will keep you posted.

— Elf Ernest
Direct from Santa’s Newsroom at the North Pole


Command Center Status: Elf Victor and the All-Girl reindeer team have left the North Pole; Command Center under lock-down…
Sleigh Status: 17452 mph
Reindeer Status: Very Good
Latest Secret Spy Reports: Multiple security concerns reported in the Middle East; rain reported in Nova Scotia; trees down in Havana…
Where it is Christmas Eve now: Barcelona
Where it is Christmas morning now: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Brunei, Kobe,Tokyo, Darwin, Hobart

Kids in these places should be in bed by now:
Barents Sea
Northern Russia