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Weather Department Follows Weather Concerns World Wide

updateThe weather is a big concern for Santa this morning. And not just the weather at the North Pole. In fact, the weather at the North Pole is the least of Santa’s problems. Once Santa launches later tonight he will quickly rise above the massive blizzard at the North Pole and then will have to face the weather in the rest of the world. And things are very active out there right now.

“We have lots of active weather out there to look out for,” Elf Billy said. “We’re tracking a cyclone near Manila, there is a tornado watch in effect for parts of Australia, we have fog in several parts of Europe, tropical moisture in Central America and high heat in parts of Brazil. The heat is just as bad as the storms we face. The reindeer have lots of problems in the heat.”

Take heart, Christmas friends. This is all normal. Santa faces conditions like this every year.

“The sleigh has air conditioning and it has heat,” Elf Quinton said. “We have plenty of water for Santa and the reindeer and help is close by no matter where they go. Things look good for this flight.”

— Elf Ernest
Direct from Santa’s Newsroom at the North Pole


Estimated Time to Launch: 16 hours
Current North Pole Weather: 14 Degrees, Heavy Snow, High Winds
Command Center Status: All systems are go, all lights are green
Santa’s Status: Eating breakfast, reviewing flight plans
Reindeer Status: Doing morning exercises
Santa’s Workshop Status: 84% complete, still working
Santa’s Sleigh Status: 60% ready, sleigh bell technician summoned
Wrapping Department Status: 75% complete, emergency contingency plans deployed
North Pole Christmas Party Readiness: 60% complete; Big screen TVs being calibrated for tracking Santa tonight
North Pole Medical Center Report: No new cases of sickness reported
North Pole Post Office Status: 61% complete, full staff working — stocking mail overflowing
Latest Secret Spy Reports: Fog reported in Scotland; coastal rain reported in Oregon, USA; non-believers reported in Santa Monica, California, USA.
Where it is Christmas Eve now: Australia, New Zealand
Where it is Christmas morning now: Nowhere